• Mason Jar Chandelier Pendant Light - 8




    The lighting in your home changes the mood of a room.


    This light was hand made using a galvanized steel canopy to give it a beautiful industrial look.

    The 8 jars hang all at different lengths ranging from 19 1/2" being the highest and 25 1/2 being the lowest. They could also be very easily raised to the preferred height. 


    Cord restrains and all necessary bushings were used in order not to put stress on the wiring. The ceiling canopy can be easily installed using 1/8 IP tubing which is included.

    Made with high quality parts to last a lifetime. 




    Canopy Size : 12 1/4" (Galvanized for rust resistance )

     Ball Regular Mouth Pint Jars (16 oz) - CLEAR

    Black Twisted Cloth Covered Cord


    Bulb not included


    Made in the USA